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Ambassadors and Members of Diplomatic Missions visit The Cyprus Institute

   Twenty-one Ambassadors and other members of Diplomatic Missions accredited in Cyprus visited The Cyprus Institute on Tuesday, 11th March 2014. The Greek Ambassador Mr. Vassilis Papaioannou, in his capacity as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Cyprus, was leading the high ranking delegation. The purpose of the visit was to brief the diplomats on the scientific activities of The Cyprus Institute and discuss the prospect of extending and expanding the Institute’s partnerships with other European and global partners. The delegation also visited a number of research laboratories of the Institute where research staff presented some of CyI’s main research projects.

   The president of the Institute, Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas briefed the delegation on the progress of CyI’s development and its achievements so far. He praised the importance of CyI’s strategic partnerships with internationally renowned research centers, which highlights the regional nature of the Institute as a leading research institution in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

On behalf of CyI’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis welcomed the members of the diplomatic corps. Dr. Kozakou-Marcoullis stated that it is important for the diplomatic corps to be informed in the area of research and innovation in Cyprus, an area of immense importance worldwide, especially in times of economic recession. She stressed that it is very important to advance key areas of research and innovation and CyI’s work has demonstrated substantial impact in this effort. She concluded by saying that the visit will be catalytic in the development of collaborations and more partnerships with other institutions for furthering research not only in Cyprus but also in Europe and the world.

   Mr. Papaioannou stated that the diplomats were informed about the activities of CyI which are not confined to the borders of the Republic of Cyprus but expand internationally. He added that through this briefing the diplomats gained a better understanding of the prospects for further cooperation between institutions in Cyprus and international institutions.

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