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CyI’s Doctoral Programs accredited

The Cyprus Institute’s (CyI) Doctoral Programs are now formally accredited, following the ratification of the recommendation of the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (SEKAP) by the Minister of Education and Culture. Accreditation by the Ministry constitutes the highest formal recognition for the quality of the offered PhD programs by the Government of Cyprus.

Students of The Cyprus InstituteThe CyI Graduate School, has been licenced by the Republic since 2010 to offer three Doctoral Programs:  in Computational Sciences, Digital Cultural Heritage and Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences.    Each of them was subjected to a thorough  evaluation process as stipulated by the law. The evaluations were conducted by teams of experts appointed by SEKAP, the competent authority for carrying out programmatic evaluations and recommendations for accreditation of all Private Institutions of Higher Education in the country.   SEKAP reviewed the positive evaluation reports of the committees and provided recommendations of all three Doctoral Programs, which were adopted by the Ministry.

Accreditation is a formal acknowledgment of the highest level of advanced doctoral training provided by the CyI. Indeed, accreditation is only secured when a program meets certain predetermined minimal criteria including the overall mission and objectives of the educational institution, the curriculum of the program of study, the qualifications and reputation of the faculty and staff members, the infrastructure and resources available to students, the administration and the financial resources.
The accreditation has come to build confidence and trust among current and prospective local and foreign students about the quality of the offered programs. It also helps to firmly establish the standards to be met for the award of an accredited degree by the Cyprus Government and provide a basis for comparison with degree titles granted from International Higher Education Institutions.

The Doctoral Programs offered by the CyI are intensive and rigorous and only intended for those eager to shape and drive the future international knowledge economy and share the CyI’s vision that peace and prosperity is indeed enabled by science and technology.

The Doctoral candidates admitted at the CyI become members of a vibrant, truly international research community operating from Cyprus and partnered with some of the leading Universities and International Research Centers. Candidates are immersed in an outstanding research environment and have direct access to world-class experimental and computational facilities. The challenging curricula include mandatory subjects aimed at creating a common basis between students from different disciplines and a number of elective subjects that provide insights into a variety of important and more specialized topics.

The Computational Sciences PhD program trains students in Computational Science with specialization in fields such as climate modeling, high-energy and nuclear physics, imaging technologies and materials science, computational chemistry, 3D visualization and computational biology.

The Digital Cultural Heritage program provides PhD candidates with the theoretical background and applied research experience to address broad inquiries that enhance the study of Cultural Heritage through collaborations between the socials sciences and the humanities with technology and computational sciences.

The Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences program trains its students on a number of significant issues in environmental and atmospheric sciences, particularly with regard to global change, its impact and effective mitigation and adaptation strategies. It also includes training in theoretical, computational and laboratory techniques.

For more information on CyI’s Doctoral Programs please visit the Education Webpage

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