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Innovative Approaches for Sharing Cultural Heritage Knowledge

The Cyprus Institute’s Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC), recently organised an international workshop on Innovative Approaches for Sharing Cultural Heritage Knowledge Virtual Museums, Europeana and Digital Libraries. The workshop was devoted to innovative approaches, new media and recent technological developments for sharing Cultural Heritage knowledge. Topics that were discussed included the creation, maintenance and use of digital libraries for museum collections, the concept of virtual museum and related ontologies, problems of “big data”, or overflow of information, the Europeana initiative and the creation, storing and analysing of 3D digital data in archaeology.

The speakers of the workshop were Dr. Martin Doerr, Head of the Centre for cultural informatics of the Institute of Computer Science FORTH, Dr. Susan Hazan, Curator of New Media and Head of the Internet Office at the Israel Museum, Dr. Sorin Hermon assistant professor at The Cyprus Institute, Dr. Daria Hookk, senior analyst at the Hermitage museum, Prof. Franco Niccolucci, Chairman of the Interim Governing Board of STARC at The Cyprus Institute,  Maria Theodoridou, R & D engineer at the Institute of computer science, FORTH and Prof. Anne-Marie Leander Touati at the Lund University.

More  than 20 scholars and students from across the island participated in the  four-day workshop.

More information including pictures and presentations can be found here.