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Princeton University awards visiting research scholarship

Asst. Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis of the Science and Technology and Archaeology and Research Center (STARC),  has recently been awarded a Visiting Research Scholarship by Princeton University’s Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies to pursue his research over the 2013 Summer Term using its outstanding library resources. This important scholarly recognition for the Cyprus Institute allows Nikolas to join an esteemed group of American and international scholars who have been selected as Seeger Research Fellows for the 2012/2013 academic year:  

While at Princeton, Nikolas will further develop his on-going research on the making of Byzantine monasteries towards the publication of an academic book on the topic. Medieval and Byzantine Monasticism has been one of the primary research interests of his work as Marie Curie Fellow and Asst. Professor at STARC in the context of the EU supported TIEM project, as well as, on an array of other research projects, publications and collaborative initiatives with the Department of Antiquities on the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments of the Troodos and other monastic landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean.