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Prof. Despina Serghides Awarded World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) “Life Pioneers” Award

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The World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) “Life Pioneers” Award in the thematic sector “Renewable Energy, Buildings and Sustainable Cities” was awarded to The Cyprus Institute’s Adjunct Prof. Despina Serghides during the proceedings of the World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC2020). Prof. Serghides was selected as one of only twelve Internationally Recognized WREN Life Pioneers, and was awarded for her outstanding work and contribution to the promotion of renewable energy globally.

The Award Ceremony for WREN Life Pioneers was part of the World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC), which took place in Portugal on 26-30 July 2021 at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon. The Minister of Environment of Portugal, H. E. Dr Joao Pedro Matos Fernandes, addressed the event. At the Congress Prof. Serghides delivered an invited keynote presentation entitled “Developing Sustainable Cities for Climate Change Mitigation”.

Prof. Despina Serghides is currently heading the Sustainable Built Environment Unit of The Cyprus Institute, and she is leading several European projects in the areas of Architecture, Energy and the Urban Environment. Her research focuses in the field of bioclimatic architecture, sustainable cities, Zero energy buildings, energy efficient building design for sustainability and comfort for indoor and outdoor environments.

Prof. Serghides is honorary President of the International Solar Energy Society of Cyprus (ISES-Cyprus), of which she was the founder and the president up until recently. She was also member of the Board of Directors of ISES as well as of the executive Committee and the former President of the Board of Directors of ISES-Europe. She acted as a consultant for the Cyprus Government and Parliamentary Committees, and has been the National Scientific Representative of the National Scientific and Technical Co-operations with Greece and China.

The main objective of the World Renewable Energy Network “Life Pioneers” Awards is to highlight the importance of renewable energy for obtaining clean energy and reducing global warming and the effects from Climate Change.

Established in 1992 during the 2nd World Renewable Energy Congress in Reading (UK), the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) is a major non-profit organization with charitable status, registered in the United Kingdom and affiliated to UNESCO, whose Deputy Director General is its honorary President. WREN is one of the most effective organizations in supporting and enhancing the utilisation and implementation of renewable energy sources that are both environmentally safe and economically sustainable. Representing most countries in the world, it aims to promote the communication and technical education of scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in this field and to address itself to the energy needs of both developing and developed countries. It maintains links with many United Nations, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC), a major recognised forum for networking between these sectors, addresses these issues through regular conferences, meetings and exhibitions, bringing together representatives of all those involved in the supply, distribution, consumption and development of energy sources which are benign, sustainable, accessible and economically viable. WREC enables policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, economists, financiers, sociologists, environmentalists and others to present their views in Plenary and Technical Sessions and to participate in discussions, both formal and informal, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge between nations, institutions, disciplines and individuals.


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