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Professor Zev Levin bestowed with Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Zev LevinDr. Zev Levin, a Professor at The Cyprus Institute was recently awarded the Helmholtz International Fellow Award for his extensive work in cloud and precipitation physics and many years of contribution in the management of science. Professor Levin joined the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) in 2009 where he helps to coordinate the EEWRC metastudy on climate change in rainfall which is predicted to be drastically reduced in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Levin is also Professor Emeritus at the Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is a world specialist in cloud physics and investigates the role of aerosol particles in formation of clouds and rain. He is an expert in weather modification and advices the World Meteorological Organisation and national governments concerning the effectiveness of cloud seeding and other methods that have been (un)successfully conceived to stimulate precipitation in regions that suffer from droughts. Evidently, this is a key expertise needed in Cyprus and the region, to assist in understanding the causes and consequences of climate change in view of impending dryness.

Helmholtz International Fellow Awards are targeted at outstanding researchers and science managers based outside Germany who have excelled in fields relevant to the Helmholtz Association. The candidates must be nominated by a Helmholtz Centre. Outstanding performance in a relevant scientific field is the most important criterion for the award. The candidates’ research fields and projects must complement the activities of the specific Helmholtz Centre that nominates them. Up to ten Helmholtz International Fellow Awards can be awarded each year.