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The Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (ITABC-CNR) and Research Activities in Cyprus: a Long History of Friendly, Stimulating and Fruitful Collaboration

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The Cyprus Institute, with the support of The Italian Embassy in Nicosia, hosted a colloquium entitled “The Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (ITABC-CNR) and research activities in Cyprus: a long history of friendly, stimulating and fruitful collaboration”. The event, which took place on Friday 11th November at 16:00 at the premises of The Cyprus Institute, was organized in the framework of the cultural, scientific, technological and educational agreement between Italy and Cyprus. Its purpose was to illustrate the longstanding cooperation between the Cyprus Institute and ITABC-CNR with a view to further strengthening it, also in light of the possible auspicious reunification of the island which would offer the possibility of digitalisation of Nicosia’s entire urban structure.

The speaker was Prof. Paolo Mauriello, an Applied Geophysics Professor at the University of Molise, Italy, and, since 2014, Director of the Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage of the Italian National Council of Research (CNR). ITABC-CNR was founded in 1981 and is currently headquartered in Rome, Italy. Its main research objective addresses the knowledge, documentation, conservation, monitoring of the archaeological fields, with its archaeological and architectural heritage. It defines, implements and optimizes new methodologies and technologies of analysis to develop strategies for innovative research approaches for preventive conservation and management of cultural resources.

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