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US Energy Secretary and CyI’s Honorary Trustee, Prof. Ernest Moniz received the Distinguished Merit Award by the Cyprus – US Chamber of Commerce.


The Cyprus – US Chamber of Commerce awarded the Cyprus-US Distinguished Merit Award to the US Energy Secretary and CyI’s Honorary Trustee, Prof. Ernest Moniz. During the event, Prof. Moniz referred extensively to The Cyprus Institute and to the efforts made to set up a Research Institute of global influence that will address scientifically issues of great importance related to Cyprus and the broader region. Prof. Moniz stated that research at The Cyprus Institute deals with societally relevant issues related to energy, environment, climate change and its impacts.
Prof. Moniz is one of the founding members of The Cyprus Institute. He helped to set up and conceptualize the Institute; he was member of the CyI’s Board of Trustees from 2004 to 2012 and is now an Honorary Trustee. He was a principal architect of the Agreement of Cooperation between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and The Cyprus Institute. Prof. Moniz also headed a joint research endeavour on the strategic choices available in relation to the hydrocarbons’ reserves in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
The Republic of Cyprus awarded Prof. Moniz in 2008 the Grand Cross of the Order of Makarios III for his contribution to research, technology and education in Cyprus and the wider region and especially for the development of The Cyprus Institute.

Αμερικανος Υπουργος Ενεργειας Ernest Moniz