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Workshop: CyI presents its research on Solar Systems and collaboration opportunities with local manufacturers.


The Cyprus Institute (CyI) and the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), within the framework of their cooperation, co-organized a workshop to present CyI’s research on Solar Thermal Systems, for companies operating in the fields of metallurgical engineering, utilization of solar energy, mechanical and electrical consultancy services and other related fields.

During the workshop collaboration opportunities were presented between local manufacturers, CyI and other European Institutions for the design and construction of various custom systems needed for the research programs carried out. Specifically, research activities of CyI were presented that require some design and manufacturing in the following actions:

  1. Development of an experimental plant for the co-generation of electricity and desalinated seawater through solar energy at  Pentakomo.
  2. Design and construction of an integrated receiver of solar energy and storage of thermal energy unit.
  3. Design and construction of a new, "smart" heliostat, with high-accuracy tracking, optimally canted reflecting surface, and suited for placement on coastal hilly terrain.
  4. Testing of an already-constructed thermal desalination unit, for its further improvement.

The Workshop was attended by a number of companies operating in the fields of solar energy and mechanical and electrical consultancy services across Cyprus.

Please find here the Workshop’s presentations.

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