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Message From Colin Renfrew

message acrMy name is Colin Renfrew, and I am, with Michael Boyd, co-director of the excavation. You may have heard of me – my textbooks are used in archaeology courses around the world.
The Cycladic Field School in 2018 represents a unique opportunity to learn new skills and confront the material reality of the past one of the most important prehistoric excavations currently being undertaken in the world. This site has recently been identified as the world’s earliest maritime sanctuary, and it is solving for us the mystery of how the famous Cycladic marble figurines were used and understood in the early bronze age. It turns out that most of those made eventually ended up taking part in the rituals on Keros, which drew in participants from around the Cyclades. This degree of ideological interconnectivity has rarely been documented at such an early stage of the past.
On our excavation you will receive expert guidance on all matters of Cycladic archaeology and in the practical skills of how to undertake excavation. You will be digging, under the expert supervision of your area supervisor and of the leader of the Field School, Dr Claire Halley, widely recognised as one of the UK’s top educators in archaeology. Moreover, as any of you who are familiar with my textbooks will expect, we will be using a raft of scientific and specialist techniques on the project. You will receive training on how to use these techniques in the field, and the specialists will all be contributing to our field school with lessons on their specialisms.
So the Field School represents a unique opportunity for those pursuing a career in archaeology, and for those interested in developing their skills. We are expecting a lot of applicants, so best apply before all spaces are filled! This is your last opportunity to apply for this unique experience: 2018 is the final year of the excavation. Join us as we reach the bottom of the trenches opened in 2016 and 2017. We will be staying on the idyllic Cycladic island of Kouphonisi (look it up on Google), and each morning’s 20 minute boat journey to the island of Keros is unforgettable. I urge you to consider booking your place now.
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