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The World Faces an Air Pollution Pandemic

The World Faces an Air Pollution 'Pandemic'

Researchers say people’s lives are shortened by an average of nearly three years from different sources of air pollution

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Middle East is 'the canary in the coal mine' of climate change

Middle East is 'the Canary in the Coal Mine' of Climate Change

Scientists say the effects of global warming will hit the Middle East hardest over the next decade

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Getting to a Free Carbon Economy

Getting to a Carbon-Free Economy

Contrary to some commentaries, decarbonization will not require a grand mobilization of the U.S. economy on par with World War II. The incremental costs of decarbonization above our normal energy costs will amount to 1 to 2 percent of U.S. GDP per year during the period to 2050. By contrast, during World War II, federal outlays soared to 43 percent of GDP from the prewar level of 10 percent of GDP in 1940.

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GreenTech Media - Heliogen

CSP Startup Heliogen Cranks Up Solar Thermal to 1,000 Degrees

Heliogen’s breakthrough demonstration unlocks the possibility of industrial heat without fossil fuel combustion.

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Science Editorial - Ernest Moniz

Innovating a Green Real Deal

As the United States heads toward an election year in 2020, climate change promises to stay in the headlines. Increasing public concern about and desire to address the consequences of global warming drive this attention, along with the debate about a Green New Deal that promotes social justice alongside accelerated deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Christos Fountoukis - Qeeri Air Pollution

Next Climate Change Solution May Be Plan to Suck Carbon From the Sky

The battle against climate change, so far, has focused on cutting carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
Ernest Moniz is focusing on the carbon that’s already there.

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Christos Fountoukis - Qeeri Air Pollution

‘I still hear statements that say climate change is a future problem’

Christos Fountoukis of the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute is trying to improve the wellbeing of humans through studying air pollution.

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UN - Climate Change Can Prove the Value of Collective Action

The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy

There is an obvious answer to the question of how the world's two oldest and most venerable democracies installed disordered minds in power and enabled them to pursue unpopular policies. But there is also a deeper explanation.

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UN - Climate Change Can Prove the Value of Collective Action

U.N. Head: Climate Change Can Prove the Value of Collective Action

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in an interview for TIME Magazine, said "Climate change is not a problem for multilateralism, climate change is a problem for us all. But I think climate change offers an opportunity for multilateralism to prove its value.”

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181218 cy mail dreams vs reality

Dreams Versus Reality in the Push for Cyprus Gas

Cyprus on the brink of big decisions on energy was the subject of the Sixth Energy Symposium organised by the Institute of Energy North-East Europe (IENE) and Financial Media Way (FMW) in Nicosia on December 4.

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energy for the common good

Energy for the Common Good

Aristotle famously contrasted two types of knowledge: “techne” (technical know-how) and “phronesis” (practical wisdom). Scientists and engineers have offered the techne to move rapidly from fossil fuels to zero-carbon energy; now we need the phronesis to redirect our politics and economies accordingly.

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Sesame light source

SESAME Light Source Brings Second Beamline Into Service

On 30 April 2018, at 11:21pm local time, scientists at the SESAME light source brought the laboratory’s infrared (IR) spectromicroscopy beamline into service for the first time. The addition of the IR beamline will enable the application of infrared microspectroscopy and imaging in a wide range of fields, including surface and materials science.

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260418 we can fix this big oil

We can fix this: Don’t be dispirited by Big Oil’s power in the age of Trump — real climate change solutions are in reach

Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, a longtime friend of The Cyprus Institute and a speaker at our upcoming Climate Change 2018 Conference, warns about the consequences of continuing our reliance on fossil fuels and urges for action to end our dependency by 2050, at which point we need a world energy system based on zero-carbon energy.

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040218 the conversation uk climate change act 

Further, faster, deeper: the UK needs a more ambitious Climate Change Act

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the UK’s Climate Change Act it is time to ask, though, whether the central ambition of the Act – reducing carbon emissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels by 2050 – is still adequate in light of changing circumstances, or whether it needs strengthening.

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