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Nicosia - Athalassa Campus (Aglantzia)

The CyI central offices and laboratory facilities are located in Athalassa (adjacent to Franco Cypriot School) within Aglantzia Municipality in Nicosia. The main facilities within the Campus are described below.

In April 2014, the Cyprus Government granted to The Cyprus Institute additional space for use, from currently non-used buildings at the Campus. The new buildings will allow CyI to expand its research activity with needed laboratory and office space. The renovation and extension work will commence before the end of 2014.

1.      Guy Ourisson Building (GOB)

The first renovated building of CyI was inaugurated in December 2007 and named in memory of the late Prof. Guy Ourisson, honoring his outstanding contribution to the early stages of development of The Cyprus Institute. The building includes a mixture of offices (for faculty, researchers and administration), seminar and conference rooms as well as auxiliary common areas. The Guy Ourisson Building also houses a small number of research laboratories including the Visualization Laboratory.

The Graduate School of CyI is also located at the building with office space for students and a students’ common area.


2.      Novel Technologies Laboratory (NTL)

The Novel Technologies Laboratory was inaugurated in April 2014. It is designed as a "green building", using specific standards that allow it to be a near zero energy building. It uses advanced energy saving measures and smart energy management. The Laboratory hosts teams from the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center and is equipped with latest technology equipment for scientific research in areas such as atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring, solar thermal energy and desalination.

ntl tilt shift

3.      Cy-Tera Facility

The Laboratory houses Cy-Tera, CyI’s High Performance Computing Facility. Cy-Tera is one of most powerful Supercomputers in the region used for scientific research. The Building includes office space for the researchers and the technical team. The Facility was installed in 2011 and the building was inaugurated in January 2012.


4.      STARLab Facility

STARLab Facility is a unique to the country and the region, research infrastructure for the scientific research, documentation and preservation of the cultural heritage of Cyprus. The Facility includes both a fixed laboratory and is housing a mobile laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and scientific instruments to support activity in 3D data capture and analysis, geophysics and remote sensing, advanced imaging technologies and chemical-physical analyses.



Athalassa Campus top view

Top-view of the Athalassa Campus

In blue CyI's current buildings.
In yellow buildings recently granted to CyI
in order to expand its research activities.
The renovation and extension work will
commence before the end of 2014.



Pentakomo - Solar Energy and Desalination Field Laboratory


The Pentakomo Solar Energy and Desalination Field Laboratory is being developed in the last few years. The first facilities for researchers are operational and research equipment is being installed. The facility will be fully operational and ready to accept experiments before the end of the fall of 2014.



Pafos - District Officer’s Residence

Since June 2007 and following an agreement with Pafos and Geroskipou Municipalities, The Cyprus Institute is pursuing a number of research and outreach activities in Pafos. The former District Officer's Residence is being used as the base for the CyI activities in the region.

The remarkable colonial building has been restored, maintaining its historic integrity and original appearance. The restoration of the interior has been respectful to its historic layout and architectural elements as its infrastructure systems have been updated to accommodate conferences, seminars and outreach activities.

It is being utilised for a number of research activities (mainly related with archaeology), conferences, exhibitions, summer schools, lectures and seminars. Currently, the CyI is providing office space at the building for the administration of Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture.

Pafos Office
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