The Cyprus Institute is nurturing a vibrant cross-disciplinary innovation ecosystem, where a growing number of innovative ventures and commercialised services are co-designed with potential users and partners. An investment vehicle under the name CREF-L, has been created by the CREF foundation in order to hold investment positions in the spin-offs of The Cyprus Institute, while providing services to the whole ecosystem, in tight collaboration with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office supports a number of actions and their level of development:


Spin-off Support


A spin-off of, supported by RIF Pre-Seed funding.ecosystem gaia

GAIA applies advanced georeferenced big data processing and AI techniques for the management of land and infrastructure, focusing upon risk analysis for the insurance industry.

IRETecosystem iret

A spin-off, supported by RIF Pre-Seed funding.

This new venture applies sophisticated image processing algorithms to obtain non-invasive tomographic reconstruction from infrared inspection of the human body.




A spin-off, supported by RIF Pre-Seed funding.

The company employs a novel methodology for the generation of metallic nanoparticles, which gives the possibility to control their size within a wide range.




A spin off, supported by RIF Pre-Seed funding,

The company is capitalising previous industrial investments in the field of smart and adaptive facades through a novel venture, which has been established within The Cyprus Institute innovation framework.




A spin of, supported by RIF Pre-Seed funding.

ReCover is an example of a successful collaboration between external innovators and scientists of The Cyprus Institute in the field of nanotechnologies. A new process for the fabrication of self-healing paintings is envisaged.



Establishment of Commercial Services

ARTESecosystem artes

A pilot service for the commercialization of the unique CyI art characterization pipeline. The service has been granted financial support for commercial exploitation and coaching services by Cyprus Seeds.



HPC MIRecosystem hpcmir

A pilot service that is capitalising the developments in medical image processing through high performance computers. The service has been granted financial support for commercial exploitation and coaching services by Cyprus Seeds.




ecosystem urbanfoodUrban Food

A grant received by  EIT Food KIC  to explore new sustainable ways to produce vegetables within the built environment in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the food chain.