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Networks and Partnerships

The Cyprus Institute has joined a number of European networks which focus on open innovation and science-based entrepreneurship. These networks represent the main gateways in terms of access to information, opportunities, partnerships and visibility towards the European and global innovation ecosystem.


networks ebnThe Cyprus Institute is an associated member of the European Business Innovation Network (EBN). EBN is the leading pan-European association for business support to organisations. The EBN community has more than 130 certified EU|BICs as well as 44+ associate members in more than 33 countries, whose mission is to drive economic development and wellbeing in their regions of interest. The Innovation and Development Directorate has been invited by EBN to deliver coaching services under the H2020 InvestHorizon and DeFINE initiatives and has also joined a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).



networks climatekicThe Cyprus Institute is a full partner of the European Innovation and Technology - EIT Climate KIC. EIT Climate KIC is a European community of knowledge and innovation working for the acceleration towards a zero-carbon economy, and represents the largest pan-European network devoted to the development of the knowledge triangle in the field of the ecological transition.  The Institute has also joined EIT Climate KIC’s RIS policy group.



networks eseiaThe Innovation and Development Directorate, together with the Energy Division of the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC), are supporting the membership of The Cyprus Institute in ESEIA. ESEIA is an association of European cross-sector prominent organisations leading the field of sustainable energy systems, from energy provision to energy consumption in research, teaching and innovation.



networks dariahIn collaboration with STAR-C, the Innovation and Development Directorate is engaged in DARIAH.  This is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) that aims to enhance digitally-enabled research and teaching across the fields of arts and humanities.  DARIAH supports ICT-based research practices and brings toegether state-of-the-art digital arts & humanities, scaling their results to a pan-European level.



New European BauhausThe Innovation and Development Directorate has promoted the affiliation of The Cyprus Institute to the New European Bauhaus (NEB), the flagship cultural initiative of the European Commission for the implementation of the Green Deal for urban environments. This creative and interdisciplinary platform, acts as a bridge between science & technology and arts & culture to achieve experimentation and connection amongst thinkers and doers for the creation of innovative solutions against societal challenges in the urban environment.

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