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Carly Henkel

Carly Henkel

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PhD Student / Graduate Research Fellow +357 22 208 793

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Carly is a PhD candidate in Archaeobotany at the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC). She first joined The Cyprus Institute in 2018 for an internship as part of her Masters degree and returned in 2020 as a research assistant in archaeobotany, before beginning her doctoral studies later that same year. Carly graduated with distinction from both the undergraduate program in Archaeology and Medieval Studies at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener (ON), Canada and the MSc program in Archaeology, with a specialization in archaeobotany, at Leiden University in The Netherlands, where her dissertation was nominated for the distinguished Leiden University Fund Masters Thesis Awards.

Between degrees, Carly also worked as a contract archaeologist/archaeobotanist for The Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center in East Crete (INSTAP SCEC). As such, she has been involved with numerous Neolithic and Bronze Age excavation projects on Crete and in the Aegean, including: the residential town of Gournia (excavated by the University of Buffalo and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens), the Neolithic cave of Pelekita (the Greek Ministry of Culture), the tholos tombs at Koumasa (University of Heidelberg), the Cycladic site of Keros (Cambridge University) the necropolis at Phragma Aposelemi (the Greek Ministry of Culture), the Bronze Age settlement at Mochlos (the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the University of Athens), the island site of Chryssi (the Greek Ministry of Culture) and the Middle Minoan cemetery at Petras (the Greek Ministry of Culture).

Work with these various projects contributed to Carly’s keen interest in the archaeobotany of Crete. Her PhD research, therefore, will focus on the investigation of the role of plants in the ritual landscape of Bronze Age Crete – the first doctoral dissertation to concentrate exclusively on the analysis of archaeobotanical material from this island.

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