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Efthymia Nikita

Efthymia Nikita

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Assistant Professor +357 22 208 691

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Dr Efthymia Nikita is a bioarchaeologist with an undergraduate degree in Archaeology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), a PhD in Biological Anthropology (University of Cambridge) and post-doctoral experience under the affiliation of the University of Sheffield, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and the British School at Athens

Her research seeks to provide insights into the daily life, activity patterns, demography, health, and diet of past populations using macroscopic, microscopic, and biochemical methods. Geographically, her projects span North Africa, Greece, and the United Kingdom, while, temporally, they cover prehistoric to medieval times. In addition, she is committed to refining the available osteological methodology, generating a number of publications evaluating current methods and suggesting advanced statistical models for multifactorial osteological markers.
Her research has received generous funding by several European and American foundations and it has resulted in over 35 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and edited volumes, and a number of conference presentations and invited talks in Europe and the US.
Her teaching experience includes classes on bioarchaeology, human evolution and applied statistics in the UK and Greece. In addition, she has co-authored the first Greek textbook on Biological Anthropology and she is currently writing a textbook on Osteoarchaeology for Elsevier.



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Sex Estimation With R-Statistics in Forensic Anthropology (zip file)

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Nikita and Nikitas 2019 (pdf)

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Rathman et al. 2019 (pdf)