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Jelena Živković

Jelena Živković

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Post-Doctoral Fellow +357 22 208 700

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Jelena Živković is an archaeologist specialised in ceramic studies of medieval and post-medieval periods. She has been awarded two Masters’ degrees; MA in Archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy of Belgrade University and MA in Archaeology of the Arab and Islamic World from University College London. She has submitted the PhD thesis to University College London in June 2019. Jelena participated in several research projects that involved the application of mineralogical and chemical analyses to archaeological studies.

Jelena’s research interests centre on archaeological questions of cultural change, particularly Ottomanisation, relations between urban and rural economies, ceramic production technology, craft organisation, technological traditions and transfer of knowledge in the late medieval and post-medieval Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean and Arabia. Her methodological approach relies on the combination of macroscopic and microscopic analyses (ceramic petrography, X-ray fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy). 

Her current Post-doctoral research project at the Cyprus Institute STARC is funded by the Leventis Foundation. It seeks to explore the production organisation and technological development of ceramic workshops that operated in the late medieval and post-medieval Eastern Mediterranean (c. the 13th-18th centuries), using case studies from Thessaloniki, Boeotia and Cyprus.

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