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Carly Henkel

Carly Henkel

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Research Assistant +357 22 397 525

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Carly Henkel completed an undergraduate degree in both Archaeology and Medieval Studies at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener (ON), Canada and received her MSc in Archaeology, with a specialization in archaeobotany, from Leiden University in The Netherlands. She has experience reconstructing both palaeoenvironments and human-plant interactions using charred, as well as waterlogged, plant remains.

Since 2016, she has been employed at The Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center (INSTAP) as a contract archaeologist/archaeobotanist. Her work has involved a range of type sites dating to the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods from both East Crete and the Aegean, including the residential town of Gournia (excavated by the University of Buffalo and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens), the Neolithic cave of Pelekita (Temple University and the Greek Ministry of Culture), the tholos tombs at Koumasa (University of Heidelberg), the Cycladic site of Keros (Cambridge University) and the necropolis at Phragma Aposelemi (the Greek Ministry of Culture).

Carly’s research interests lie primarily with early plant exploitation practices in the Eastern Mediterranean. Her participation in an upcoming excavation project will facilitate the first archaeobotanical investigation of late Mesolithic subsistence strategies on Crete. She also plans to begin her PhD studies in September 2020 at The Cyprus Institute, where her doctoral research will focus on the role of plants in ancient ritual activity.