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Stevanakelly Evangeline Dolence

Stevanakelly Evangeline Dolence

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Master's Student +357 22 208 700

Stevanakelly has a B.A. in Archaeology and Culture of the Near and Middle East and a minor in Biblical Languages from Lycoming College. Her interest lies in Cypriot museum collections. She has working experience with several prominent museums in the US and abroad, including the Penn Museum in Philadelphia, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, and the Centre for Visual Arts and Research in Nicosia. Her research is focused on the history of and vision towards Cypriot collections in Western museums.

Stevanakelly is obtaining a MSc in Digital Cultural Heritage from The Cyprus Institute with intentions to pursue a PhD.

Research Interests

  • Cypriot Museum Collections
  • Identity in Museum Collections
  • Cesnola Collection
  • Cultural Heritage and National Identity in Museums

Publications & Media