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Mehmet Ozerenler

Mehmet Ozerenler

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Mehmet has a BA in Archaeology from Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey (2017). His background is based on "Prehistoric Archaeology", especially the Paleolithic Age. Mehmet participated in several Paleolithic and Epi-paleolithic archaeological projects in Anatolia and Cyprus; therefore, subjects such as chipped stone technology, hominin cultural evolution, and the emergence and dispersal of early hominin are among his specific interests. Also, he worked as an intern for a forensic archaeological project, the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP), for two months in 2021.

He joined the Cyprus Institute (Cyl) as a master's student and graduate assistant in October 2022. He got an MSc degree in the Digital Cultural Heritage Program at Cyl. His master thesis focused on identifying use-wear traces on Chalcolithic chipped stone artefacts from the Souskiou-Laona Chalcolithic cemetery in Pafos, Cyprus. Mehmet employed the use-wear analysis method to obtain a valid explanation of why chipped stone artefacts have been recovered from Chalcolithic tombs. 

In October 2023, Mehmet became a PhD student in the Science and Technology of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Cyl. He aims to expand the use-wear analysis and experimental archaeology in his PhD research and contribute to our understanding of Cyprus’s prehistory.

Keywords of Research Interests:  Prehistoric Archaeology, Lithic Studies, Use-Wear Analysis, Palaeolithic Archaeology, Cyprus Prehistory, Near Eastern Prehistory

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