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Mehmet Ozerenler

Mehmet Ozerenler

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Graduate Assistant +357 22 208 700

Mehmet Ozerenler joined the Cyprus Institute (Cyl) as a master's student and graduate assistant in October 2022.

He has a BA degree in Archaeology from Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey (2017). His background is based on “Prehistoric Archaeology”, especially the Paleolithic Age. Mehmet participated in several Paleolithic and Epi-paleolithic archaeological projects in Anatolia and Cyprus, therefore, the subjects such as chipped stone technology, hominin cultural evolution, as well as emergence and dispersal of early hominin are among his specific interests. Also, he worked for a forensic archaeological project, named Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP), for two months in 2021 as an intern.

Mehmet has currently been conducting his MSc study in Digital Cultural Heritage Program, at Cyl.

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