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Panayiotis Kyriacou

Panayiotis Kyriacou

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PhD Student +357 22 208 700

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Panayiotis Kyriakou has studied at the Computer Engineering and Informatics department of the University of Patras (2001-2006) with degree thesis: “Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System of Computer Systems Evaluation Techniques”. Later he continued his master studies in Computer Science and Engineering at the same university that led to the thesis: “A web-based graphical tool for managing domain knowledge in an Intelligent Tutoring System”. At the same time he worked at the RA CTI (Research Academic Computer Technology Institute) as a graduate student at the e-Learning Sector ( His professional experience includes design and development of digital educational material, web development, technical support and research.

His research interests include computer graphics, e-learning, HCI, cultural heritage and digital arts and his personal interests include painting, photography and cinematography. His dream is to use the combination of the magic of art with the practical use of information to increase the interest in arts, creative expression and cultural activities.

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