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Dioptra: The Edmée Leventis Digital Library for Cypriot Culture

Spearheading CyI’s contribution to the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus the creation of the digital library Dioptra provides the necessary advanced technological framework to support the management and international dissemination of an array of projects, collaborations and initiatives. Inspired by the ancient astronomical and surveying instrument, Dioptra is named in honor of CyI’s Trustee Mrs Edmée Leventis as a small recognition of her invaluable support to the Institute’s research efforts in archaeology, the arts cultural heritage.

The framework of Dioptra fosters collaborations with major Cultural Heritage stakeholders in the region creating a unique and wide research network with an extraordinary momentum for future activities. Dioptra is based on a digital platform that develops in modules dedicated in the study of various aspects of Cypriot cultural heritage. The completion of the Digital Ancient Cypriot Literature project has offered the first module with others following such as projects on the History and Culture of Cypriot Medieval Coinage, Cypriot Archaeological Collections in Foreign Museums and the work of Byzantine Artist Theodore Apseudis.

Digital Ancient Cypriot Literature (DACL)

Generously supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation, the DACL is an advanced digital library that covers Cypriot literary production in a time span of almost thirteen centuries (7th century BC to 5th-6th century AD). Ancient texts are enhanced by the visually rich presentation of related archaeological materials and sites. The DACL builds and enriches the momentous six-volume corpus of the Αρχαία Κυπριακή Γραμματεία, led by P. Stavrou,authored by A. Voskos, K. Michaelides and I.G. Taifacos and published by the Leventis Foundation between 1995 and 2008. The new searchable digital library is accessible online aimed to engage its users in the study of Ancient Cypriot Literature providing an array of novel digital applications designed to enhance user experience well beyond the original printed volumes.

History and Culture of Cypriot Medieval Coins

This collaborative project with the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BOCCF) aims at the creation of a novel digital library that will promote the study, promotion and dissemination of the history of Medieval Cypriot Coinage (12th-16th centuries). This effort involves the implementation of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) photography and other advanced imaging applications on coins from the BOCCF’s Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage. RTI imaging, developed at CyI’s ICACH, offers tremendous documentation and image analysis possibilities for coins. Results will be appropriately contextualized with explanatory texts and information offering an overview of the historical and cultural framework of medieval coinage in Cyprus.

The Pittas Registry for Cypriot Antiquities Abroad

Led by Prof. Vassos Karageorghis, the Pittas Registry project, supported by a Medochemie grant, concerns the creation of a digital database that will make all Collections of Cypriot antiquities in foreign museums known to scholars and the interested members of the general public. This effort will pursue and foster collaborations with as many museums of the world as possible and is expected to help students of Cypriot archaeology gain a first acquaintance with the ancient art of Cyprus.

The Art of Theodore Apseudis in Cyprus

This collaborative project builds on existing STARC activities to offer an interdisciplinary study of icons and paintings of Theodore Apseudis who is considered the most important Middle Byzantine artist in Cyprus. The overall effort will materialize in close collaboration with the Department of Antiquities the responsible Church authorities and monasteries as well as with the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF).



N. Bakirtzis, A. Avgousti, V. Karageorghis, A. Georgiadou, S. Hermon, E. Christophorou, R. Georgiou, G. Shiaelou, I. Kalavrezou, M. Solomidou-Ieronymidou, M. Menu, A. Papageorgiou, S. Gasanova, M. Toumpouri, I. Hafez, A. Nikolaidou, D. Papacharalambous, Danai Konstantinidou, Christina Roditou.


Additional Info

  • Acronym: DIOPTRA
  • Center: STARC
  • Coordinator: The Cyprus Instittute
  • Partners:

    A.G. Leventis Foundation, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus Department of Antiquities, Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France.

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