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APAC/STARC Researchers Participate in the Digital Documentation and Installation of Digital Imaging with Mosaics at Larnaka International Airport


A digital imaging composition featuring mosaics from the “House of Dionysos” in Kato Paphos has been installed at the main staircase connecting the Departures and Arrivals levels at the Larnaka International Airport “Glafcos Clerides”. The specialized images and preparation of the overall composition was materialized by the Andreas Pittas Art Characterization (APAC) Labs of the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute in collaboration with Hermes Airport Ltd and the Department of Antiquities.

The mosaics draw their themes from Greek mythology. Specifically, the first panel represents the mythological love story of Pyramos and Thisbe. The river-god Pyramos is represented to the right with Thisbe located to the left; in the background, a tiger is holding a blooded veil in this mouth foretelling the tragic end of the story from Ovid’s Metamorphosis.

The second panel depicts Dionysos and Icarios. Dionysos is represented along with the nymph Acme to the left of the panel with Icarios in the center, holding the reins of an ox-driven cart filled with sacks of wine. Further to the right, there are two shepherds in a state of inebriation. A sign identifies them as «ΟΙ ΠΡΩΤΟΙ ΟΙΝΟΝ ΠΙΟΝΤΕC», that is, “the first wine drinkers”. The third panel represents the myth of Poseidon and Amymone with Eros between them. Finally, the fourth panel depicts the passionate chase of Daphne by eros-stricken Apollo. The nymph is shown being transformed into a laurel tree by her father, the river-god Peneus.

The digital documentation of the mosaics was realized using high-resolution technical photography and photogrammetry. The latter was used to create an undistorted digital replica of the mosaic floor, which was then divided into sections, printed and applied on every single horizontal step. The vertical steps were decorated with geometric patterns belonging to other mosaics from the same archaeological complex in Paphos. The APAC Labs/ STARC team was composed of Associate Research Scientist, Dante Abate, Research Assistant in Digital Media/Libraries, Andriana Nikolaidou, Research Technical Specialists, Ropertos Georgiou and Marina Faka, and Associate Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis.