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CyI Participates in “Researchers Night 2018” Event

At the “Researcher’s Night 2018” event, which took place on the 28th of September in Limassol, The Cyprus Institute had an aspiring presence that promoted the significance of research, technology, and innovation. The public had the opportunity to be acquainted with five different activities representing CyI’s three Research Centers:

‘Power generation from Solar irradiation’: One of the most promising solar technologies is the Concentrated Solar Thermal (CSP) one which uses mirror configurations to concentrate solar irradiation onto a target (commonly called receiver) and convert it into heat. One of the major type configuration of these technologies, is the Solar Tower Systems. Heliostats are sun-tracking mirrors that reflect the sun rays focusing them on the receiver at the top of the Power Tower. The thermal energy collected is then used to generate electric power. In addition to electric power, other thermodynamic processes can be implemented that include desalination and production of heat for industrial and domestic processes

USRL unmanned aerial vehicles, the Mobile Ground Control Station (GCS), which is used for the navigation and control of the UAVs during flights, as well as scientific equipment that is installed in the UAVs for research purposes was exhibited. In addition, photos and video material from the latest USRL research activities were displayed. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in a micro drones’ (whoops) race in a specially designated area, and test their navigational abilities and skills! Also, the USRL team providing unique opportunities for atmospheric research as well as for investigation of Earth-surface, included the 3D mapping of archaeological sites and cultural heritage monuments (EEWRC)

 ‘European e-Infrastructure projects: speeding up Digital Cultural Heritage!’: Presentation of the VI-SEEM, PRACE and SIMDAS projects, focusing on the presentation of the concept of Super-Computers and explain how such projects enable us the access to applications of Digital Cultural Heritage in the region of Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, also how such facilities accelerate the digitization of Cultural Heritage (CaSToRC).

‘Face to Face: Meet an Ancient Cypriot’: Visitors explored life stories of real ancient Cypriot individuals, through archaeological bone, teeth, and other remains. Osteobiography as a term refers to specific information on the life of a real individual gleaned through a plethora of scientific methods and techniques applied to the study of human remains of a particular individual (STARC)

Historical Graffiti: listening to the speaking walls’ workshop: Study digitally important aspects of the Medieval graffiti in Cyprus. Visitors could experience medieval graffiti through interactive educational activities for all ages.  Through advanced technologies visitors learned about graffiti cultural and historical value, enhancing their knowledge about the specific topic and generally, the broader medieval heritage of Cyprus (STARC)

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