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Important Integrated Project Awarded to CyI Researchers in Latest RIF Evaluation Results


Researchers from The Cyprus Institute (CyI) secured funding for a major Integrated project in the latest proposal evaluation results announced by the Research & Innovation Foundation on July 17.

The proposal was submitted by CyI Asst. Prof. Georgios Artopoulos in the call “Integrated Projects”, under the Pillar I. Smart Growth (Built Environment and Construction) of the Research and Innovation Foundation’s RESTART 2016-2020 Funding Programme. The proposal was successfully funded following an independent evaluation process, and CyI is the principal coordinator of the project, with companies, Universities and research institutions from Cyprus and abroad participating as partners.

The project, called “Portal for hERItage buildingS integration into the COntemPorary built Environment (PERIsCOPE)”, has a total budget of €1.1M, and received first place in the evaluation of the independent reviewers, among strong competition from other consortia. The project aims to design and develop an innovative Building Information Modelling platform for the identification, classification, documentation and renovation of heritage buildings. PERIsCOPE will enable the exploitation of state-of-the-art techniques in the scientific fields of Building Information Modelling (BIM), remote sensing, terrestrial and aerial 3D modelling techniques, and non-destructive onsite testing. PERIsCOPE platform is addressing specific challenges identified by the stakeholders that have cultural and economic impact on Cyprus’ society, including public authorities and policy makers (Town Planning and Housing Department, Department of Antiquities, Municipalities) and professionals (architects, engineers, archaeologists and chartered surveyors).

Researchers from STARC are strongly involved in the project, with Associate Research Scientist Dante Abate leading research work in terrestrial 3D documentation and modelling techniques, and Ms Marissia Deligiorgi as Research Assistant.

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