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“Navigating the Academic to Entrepreneurial Journey” Seminar by Ms. Karen Golmer, Former Innovation Manager of the MIT Deshpande Centre



The Cyprus Institute is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of a seminar conducted by the former Innovation Manager of the MIT Deshpande Centre. The seminar took place on Wednesday, 15 November 2023, at our campus, where Ms. Karen Golmer, shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with our researchers, students and faculty.
The seminar, titled “Navigating the Academic to Entrepreneurial Journey”, provided valuable insights into some of the success stories of spin-offs that came out from MIT.
Additionally, there was an open discussion between Ms Golmer and the Institute’s researchers, faculty and students, where Ms. Golmer explained some of the innovative processes and strategies employed at MIT Deshpande Centre to support researchers in their entrepreneurial endeavours.
The Cyprus Institute extends its gratitude to Ms Golmer for her enlightening presentation, the Cyprus Seeds and its people for making it possible, and to all those who attended the seminar.




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