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Navigating the Energy Landscape: Insights from an Open Discussion at CyI



The latest developments concerning the crucial issue of energy production and security, in conjunction with the related governmental policy, were analyzed at an open discussion that took place on Wednesday, 1st of November 2023 at CyI’s premises. The discussion was an initiative of the Friends of The Cyprus Institute Association and in particular its President, Dr Petros Kareklas.
The main speaker at the event was the Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, Mr. George Papanastasiou. Also participating in the discussion were Dr Kyriakos Hadjiyiannis, President of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, and Dr Theodoros Zachariadis, Professor of Energy Policy at The Cyprus Institute. The discussion was moderated by the CREF CEO, Honorary President of The Cyprus Institute, and Professor at the Energy, Environment, and Water Research Center (EEWRC), Costas N. Papanicolas.
Welcoming the guests, Dr Petros Kareklas, President of the Friends of The Cyprus Institute Association, emphasized that the Association’s goal is to support the significant work of The Cyprus Institute, which, as he stated, has gained a prominent role in Cyprus and abroad. The Vice President of the Association, Ms. Soula Zavou, also mentioned the role of The Cyprus Institute and highlighted its leadership in research, both in renewable energy technologies but also in shaping energy policy.
Taking the floor, CyI President, Prof. Stavros Malas, made a special reference to solar energy utilization technologies developed by The Cyprus Institute, urging everyone to focus on the sun which is an energy resource with no Exclusive Economic Zone, no political obstacles, and belongs equally to everyone.
In his address, the Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, Mr. George Papanastasiou, made it clear that the issue of energy is high on the government’s agenda. The government’s goal, he stated, is to make Cyprus energy independent and secure.
Prof. Papanicolas mentioned that the current climate crisis, affecting the entire planet, is a result of both calculated and irrational energy use. He emphasized that if the energy problem is not addressed first, the issue of the climate crisis cannot be resolved.

t is worth mentioning that before the start of the discussion, a minute of silence was observed in memory of John Joannides, who contributed to the creation of The Cyprus Institute and passed away on October 30, 2023.




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