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Out on a New Mission

The archaeological site of Pyla-Kokkinokremos is amongst the major archaeological discoveries in Cyprus, crucial for understanding a range of socio-cultural and economic developments at the formative stages of the island's society approximately three thousand years ago.

Researchers from STARC, lead by Associate Prof. Sorin Hermon, join an international group of experts (J. Bretschneider (UGhent/KU Leuven), J. Driessen (UCLouvain) and A. Kanta (Mediterranean Archaeological Society) to unveil the mysteries of this site through innovative methods for 3D site recording and analysis and detailed digital, imaging and non-invasive material investigation of selected finds. For this purpose STARC deployed its mobile unit STARLAB and set-up a "field laboratory" with a temporary base at the Larnaca Museum (image). The current activities are an addition to the already existing collaboration from past years, which focused on topography surveying of the area.

The STARC team engaged in the project is:

  • Sorin Hermon (lead research on 3D investigations and material properties).
  • Marina Faka (Surveying and field documentation)
  • Martina Polig (3D documentation)
  • Svetlana Gasanova (perform material properties analysis)
  • Ropertos Georgiou (multi spectral imaging and RTI)

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