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STARC Researchers Participate in Groundbreaking Discovery of Sophisticated Prehistoric Architecture and Technology in the Aegean Island of Keros

STARC Asst. Professor Evi Margaritis, leading an international research team as Assistant Director of the Excavation and in charge of the entire Environmental Program, presented results on their latest excavations on the remote island of Keros, that revealed evidence of monumental architecture and technological sophistication, that took place thousands of years ago at the dawn of the Cycladic Bronze Age. STARC researchers Dante Abate (scientist in the field) and Marina Faka (technical research specialist), working under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Sorin Hermon (scientific supervisor of 3D documentation), were lalso part of the CyI team.

The international research team was led by archaeologists from the University of Cambridge, The Cyprus Institute and the Ephorate of the Cyclades in Greece. The results have received extensive coverage in the international press including articles in The Guardian (UK), National Geographic (USA), University of Cambridge (UK), British School in Athens (Greece), To Vima (Greece), and Kathimerini (Greece).

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