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Data Repository

DARECLIMED data repository consists of three kind of data: (a) climate, (b) water resources, and (c) energy related data. The first part, climate datasets, will include atmospheric and indirect atmospheric data, proxies and reconstructions, terrestrial and oceanic data. Land use, population, economy and development data will be added as well.

Datasets can be handled and analyzed by connecting to the Live Access Server (LAS), which enables to visualize data with on-the-fly graphics, request custom subsets of variables in a choice of file formats, access background reference material about the data (metadata), and compare (difference) variables from distributed locations. 


climate water energy
Climate Data Water Data Energy Data
fire agriculture economy
Fire Emissions data Land Use and Agriculture Data Population and Economy



Access to the Live Access Server (restricted)

If you want to access LAS, please contact Dr. Christina Oikonomou, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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