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CyI’s Water Group testing the Waters with Durham University Students

Last week, the Cyprus Institute’s water researchers hosted a group of Environmental Geosciences students and their lecturers from Durham University, UK. Together they explored and discussed typical water management problems and their possible solutions in semi-arid environments, which are plentiful in Cyprus. The Durham University students also had the chance to truly emerge themselves in the subject by measuring stream flows in Peristerona Watershed after the heavy rainfall.

Dr Simon Mathias, Reader in Computation Geosciences at Durham University emphasized that the students really enjoyed the lively interactions with Cyprus’ water resources and CyI researchers. Dr Mathias is looking forward to return with a new group of students next year!

Cyprus offers many interesting subjects for water and environmental sciences students. A large variety of water management systems, dams, irrigation schemes and monitoring infrastructure can be observed on the island. The recharge check dams in Peristerona Watershed represent an especially noteworthy water management practice. The check dams slow down the river flow thereby improving the recharge of local aquifers, while part of the water flows over the dams to ensure that some water is left for the natural environment downstream. The Cyprus Institute's researchers are currently investigating the efficiency of these structures.

Cyprus is well known for geological field courses but less famous for water science field courses. However, The Cyprus Institute’s young and enthusiastic water researchers are already contemplating how to contribute to the growth of water field courses in Cyprus. The active exchange of knowledge and experiences with colleagues in the field offers a great opportunity for improving education on water management issues.

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