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Democratic Rally Leadership Team Headed by the Party's President, Averof Neophytou, Visits CyI

The President of the governing “Democratic Rally” party, Averof Neophytou, heading a delegation from his party that included MP’s Nikos Nouri and Dimitris Demetriou, Press Representative Prodromos Prodromou, and Deputy Press Representative Stavriana Kofteros, visited CyI on Monday, 18 December. Following a short briefing on the Institute’s activities, Mr. Neophytou and the Democratic Rally delegation were given a tour of the laboratories and other CyI research infrastructures by CyI President Professor Costas Papanicolas.

Welcoming Mr. Neophytou, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of The Cyprus Institute, Dr. Andreas Pittas said "CyI is a pioneering institution for research and innovation in Cyprus and the region, that has collaborations with leading international institutions, and which has earned numerous distinctions in its 10 years of operation".

"The Cyprus Institute is a great success for Cyprus," the Democratic Rally President said. "In general, the political system in Cyprus likes to magnify the problems and hide the successes. The Cyprus Institute is a great success for Cyprus, it is a hidden treasure that employs a large number of high-level scientists, most of them PhD’s, and is representative of the success we want to achieve in Cyprus, with impressive levels of funding acquired via competitive EU research projects per researcher that are almost 13 times the European average".

"At The Cyprus Institute we have the first zero energy building in Cyprus that does not need electricity for its operation all year round, using renewable technologies for operation of its air conditioning in the summer, and heating during the winter. This is the Cyprus we want, the Cyprus of innovation and research. The Cyprus Institute represents the future of Cyprus, employing people who would otherwise have left for abroad.”

“Finally, I again want to congratulate the Board of Trustees, the Administration, and the scientists of The Cyprus Institutes for their research achievements and impressive infrastructures, that make us all proud, "he added.

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