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The Cyprus Institutes’ success in securing competitive research funds

An extensive article entitled “Cypriot participation in the programs and activities of the 7th Framework Program for research and technological development of the European Union” was recently published in the latest issue (March – April 2012) of the Cyprus’ Research Promotion Foundation, bi-monthly magazine YPSIPETIS.

The article refers to the signed grant agreements from the start of FP7 up until mid-February 2012. The results rank The Cyprus Institute - referred in the charts as Cyprus Research and Education Foundation (see diagram A) second in Cyprus after the University of Cyprus in secured funds (7.3 mln Euros against 18.6 mln Euros) with the Cyprus University of Technology ranked third with 1.9mln Euros.

The Cyprus Institute ranks third in securing research projects (in total 20), after the University of Cyprus in first place, and the Research Promotion Foundation. The findings also show that The Cyprus Institute has on average higher project budgets in the projects it participates in comparison with other local organizations.

In summary, The Cyprus Institute is one of the most successful Cypriot organizations in securing European funds and the most successful compared to the size of other public universities such as the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology. The Cyprus Institute employs approximately 5% of the researchers of the country.

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Diagram A: The chart shows the participants in Cyprus that have secured the highest funding in FP7, in terms of budget allocation in Grant Agreements. The Cyprus Institute ranks second (CyI is represented in olive green).
Diagram B: The chart shows the participants in Cyprus with the highest number of FP7 projects. The Cyprus Institute ranks third, with 20 projects (CyI is represented in olive green).

 * The diagrams are courtesy of Cyprus’ Research Promotion Foundation.

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