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Activities and Outcome

The outcomes of the STACHEM project will include suggestions for joint transnational activities, based on the exploration of opportunities for synergies and coordination, as well as a user-led assessment of needs, guidelines for good practice and directions for further infrastructure development. It will involve the build-up of a community of users, with periodic workshops for continuous monitoring and update. In addition to its benefits on a European and regional scale, the project will also have an impact at a national level for the medium- and long-term strategy of the institutions involved in the project and their partners.

The STACHEM project therefore brings a unique opportunity for the archaeology and cultural heritage communities in the region to progress towards a regional strategic plan. Contributing to such a plan is an essential objective of the project. The various studies conducted within the STACHEM project to this end, relevant to the development of the Cyprus Institute's Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC), will also provide significant input to STARC's design and planning and will help to ensure that the STARC infrastructure and its research and educational portfolio are shaped in such a way as to provide maximal service to the scientific and technological needs related to archaeology and cultural heritage in the region and in Europe.

At the same time, the co-operation between research institutions such as those present in the STACHEM partnership - and others with which links are established through the STACHEM project – will lead to the formation of a regional research-intensive cluster with European and international outreach, in which STARC and the other partner institutions will be fully integrated.

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