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CyI Events - 2019

The following list details CyI events during 2019. Click the links for more information about each event.

Date & TimeTypeTitleSpeaker
17 December 2019 Public lecture This Lecture is part of the Ronald Ross Lecture Series
Climate Change: What Is Happening and What We Can Do About It
Prof. Joanna Haigh
Former co-director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Dept. of Physics, Imperial College, London
10 December 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium Atmospheric Research From Past to Future - Personal Perspective Prof. Pinhas Alpert
Professor of Dynamic Meteorology and Climate, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
28 November 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium Science and Society Prof. Dan Dahlberg
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

25-26 November 2019
All day

Workshop Final DISARM project meeting See our event page for further details
12 - 14 November 2019
All day
International Congress 2nd International Congress on Archaeological Sciences in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East (ICAS-EMME 2) Visit the web page for further details

14 November 2019
Starts: 16:00

Colloquium Using lidar for aerosols and clouds, from aircraft, the ground, and satellites: scientific and operational applications

Dr. Franco Marenco
Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom

11 November 2019
Starts: 16:30
Colloquium Synchrotron X-rays and lattice dynamics: Implications in chemistry, geology and physics

Prof. Esen Ercan Alp
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Illinois, USA

11 November 2019
Starts: 09:30
User Community Building Event BEATS: Beamline for Tomography at SESAME (EU H2020) User Community Building Event Visit the web page for further details
7 November 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Glasses and Glazes in Cultural Heritage: Technology and Recent Advances Prof. Nikos Zacharias
Department of History, University of Peloponnese
31 October 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Sustainability of Water Resources in Drylands - Challenges and Solutions Prof. Maciek Lubczynski
University of Twente, The Netherlands
17 October 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium A Day in the Life of a Neanderthal - New Studies on the Oldest Wooden Sticks of Europe Dr Sorin Hermon
Associate Professor, STARC, The Cyprus institute
8 October 2019
Starts 09:00
Public Launching Event EMME-CARE Kick-off-meeting See our event page for further details
7 October 2019
Starts 19:00
Public Lecture Climate Change: From Doubt to Evidence – Global and Regional Aspects Dr. Michel Jarraud
Secretary General Emeritus of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
19 September 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium How to Educate and Train Yourself on Using Data to Problem Solve in the Era of Analytics Prof. Andy Mauromoustakos
Professor, University of Arkansas
18 September 2019
Starts: 16:00
Seminar Modeling future floods, droughts and climate adaptation options for Cyprus - Highlights from the H2020 BINGO Project BINGO Project Members
16 & 17 September 2019
14:30 - 17:00
Seminar Leveraging IP to Promote Tech Transfer in Cyprus
(organised by "Cyprus Seeds", hosted by The Cyprus Institute)
Mr George Summerfield
Partner at K&L Gates
21 - 27 July 2019
All day
Summer School From Natural Resources to Material Culture: Transdisciplinary Approaches in Archaeological Science Visit the web page for further details
27 - 28 June 2019
All day
Workshop Workshop on Scientific Case for BEATS - Beamline for Tomography at SESAME See our event page for further details
24 June 2019
Starts 16:00
Seminar Magnetic Skyrmions and the Quest to use Topological Solitons for Nanocomputing Dr Christoforos Moutafis
Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester
23 June 2019
10:00 - 14:00
Race The 2019 Solar Car Challenge See our event page for further details
13 June 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium The 1st Millennium BCE Cypriot Syllabic Script: Current Studies and Research Perspectives Dr Artemis Karnava
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
10 June 2019
Starts 19:00
Public Lecture Café Scientifique Celebrating World Environment Day: The Challenge of Air Pollution in Cyprus See our event page (coming soon) for further details
5 June 2019
Starts 18:00
Colloquium Some Fresh Thoughts and Data on Domenikos Theotokopoulos Dr Andreas Pittas
Founder and Chairman, Medochemie, Cyprus, and Chair of Executive Committee of The Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF)
30 & 31 May 2019
Various times
Presentations & lecture Presentations Within the Context of The RPF & H2020 Research and Innovation Week See our event page for further details
28 May 2019
Starts 18:45
Other Event Organised in Memory of Professor Costas Stefanis See our event page for further details
23 May 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium Challenges in Modern Horticulture: Greenhouse Technology Dr. Polycarpos Polycarpou
Chief Agricultural Reseach Officer, Production Division, Agricultural Research Institute, Cyprus
20 May 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium Modelling, Design and Operation of Smart Solar Building and Communities Prof. Andreas K. Athienitis
Professor and Director, Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
16 May 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium The Political Geography of a Mycenaean District: Recent Archaeological Survey and Excavations at the Northeastern Kopais Dr Elena Kountouri
Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Department, Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports
9 May 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Aspects of Cypriot Archaeology Today: Tradition, Innovation and Homeric Flavor Prof. Vassos Karageorghis
Adjunct Professor, The Cyprus Institute
2 May 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium 'A Taste of Hard Work': Developing Methodologies to Track Occupational Pollution in Past Societies Dr Anita Radini
Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Departments of Archaeology and Physics, University of York
24 April 2019
Starts 16:00
Seminar Multiscale Simulation Scheme to Investigate Low-resolution Models of Membrane Receptors of Pharmaceutical Relevance Dr Thomas Tarenzi
Former HPC-LEAP PhD fellow
16 April 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Challenges and Opportunities in the Modeling and Simulation of the Built Environment Prof. Salvatore Carlucci
Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
11 April 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Innovating Cyprus: The Way Forward Mr Kyriakos Kokkinos
Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation, Republic of Cyprus
5 April 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Architectural Indicators: The Horizon of Place Memory Dr Edna Langenthal
Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, Ariel University, Israel
2 April 2019
Starts 16:00
Seminar The Evolution and the Migration of the Stone Cutting Techniques Starting From Île-de-France Dr. Sc. Frans Doperé
Research Fellow Ancient and Medieval Architecture and Stone Technology Research Group Archaeology KU Leuven
28 March 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Towards Solving Open Problems in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics: the Tensor Network Approach Dr Karl Jansen
Research Center DESY-Zeuthen, Germany
21 March 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Blue Growth and Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Challenges in Cyprus Dr Panayiotis Kontakos
Assistant Professor in International Business and MBA Director, UCLan Cyprus
19 March 2019
Starts: 16:00
Seminar Hydrological Modelling for Real Time Application Dr Giovanni Ravazzani
Assistant Professor, Depart Civil & Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
15 - 16 March 2019
All day
Fair The Cyprus Institute Scyence Fair 2019 Visit the website for more information
14 March 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Urban Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Planning to Improve the Thermal Resilience of Cities in the Mediterranean Zone Prof. Constantinos Cartalis
Professor of Environmental Physics, University of Athens
7 March 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium The Shape of the Smallest Object in the Universe Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas
President of The Cyprus Institute, CEO of The Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation
28 February 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Athenian Vase Painting Revisited: Black and Red Figure Techniques Through Analysis and Full-scale Reproduction Dr. Eleni Aloupi
Thetis Authentics LTD
21 February 2019
Starts: 16:00
Colloquium Atmospheric Deposition and its Impacts: From Sea Water Productivity and Fish Production to Wine Quality Prof. Nikos Mihalopoulos
Professor at EEWRC at The Cyprus Institute
19 February 2019
Starts: 18:30
 Public Lecture The 2019 Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture:
Eudaimonia in the 21st Century: Looking to Aristotle for New Solutions
Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University; Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Member of The Cyprus Institute Board of Trustees
14 February 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Advances in Linear Concentration for Solar Thermal Electricity and Other Solar Energy Applications Prof. Manuel Collares Periera
Renewable Energies Chair at the University of Évora, Portugal
30 January 2019
Starts 16:00
(2 presentations)
1. Capidava, the Northern Frontier and the Archaeology of the Annona Militaris Within the Quaestura Iustiniana Exercitus

2. New directions in the archaeological research in Istros/Histria

1. Assoc. Prof. Ioan C. Opriș, and
2. Assoc. Prof. Valentin Bottez
University of Bucharest - Faculty of History, Dept. of Ancient History, Archaeology and History of Art

24 January 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium The Future Earth MENA Regional Center: Addressing Pressing Challenges in the MENA Region Prof. Manfred Lange
Professor, The Cyprus Institute
17 January 2019
Starts 16:00
Colloquium Art or Science? Interconnections Between Painting Technology, Alchemy and the Chemical Arts During the Greek-Roman Period Prof. Ioanna Kakoulli
Co-Director Molecular and Nano Archaeology Laboratory at UCLA
14 January 2019 Launching Ceremony "STIMULATE" Launching Ceremony --

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