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HRS4R at CyI

HRS4R at cyi

CyI HR Strategy

The CyI developed the CyI HR Strategy , in the framework of the establishment of the Corporate Strategy in order to ensure that HR functions will operate as an essential factor of achieving the corporate strategy.

Methodology and Actions

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is committed to provide a best practice working place to its staff, researchers, students and faculty, where they will be able to thrive and enjoy career development and progression. Furthermore, CyI aims in having a structured and strategic approach to the ongoing improvement of its research staff employment and working conditions, career progression and development, communication with supervisors and management and compliance with good practice in research standards. Recruitment and selection of diverse international staff is essential for the Institute’s vision and mission achievement and the CyI’s commitment in ongoing efforts of improving the relevant practices.

Through the HRS4R Action Plan, the Institute aspires to further enhance its practices with a number of actions aiming at greater efficiency and effectiveness with the inclusion and active participation of the CyI community as a whole, from student and junior research staff level to senior management.

The Action Plan was developed with the aim of including a number of actions (Gantt chart available) that were considered essential to begin with, to further develop and having in mind the feasibility of their accomplishment.

A Committee was appointed based on their capacity at the Institute and experience/ knowledge that can be considered a value in the process of conducting the Gap Analysis and formulating the Action Plan for HRS4R of the Cyprus Institute. Further to the above a workgroup was comprised by additional members from different ranks (R1 to R4) who contributed in the process of the submission of the application as well as in the provision of essential insight in the research and academic perspective of the process.