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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

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Euraxess logoEURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers.
Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.


Human Resources Excellence in Research

The HR Strategy for Researchers is a mechanism that supports the active implementation of the Charter & Code by research institutions. Implemented on a voluntary basis, it is as simple as possible to avoid cumbersome procedures and to recognize the variety of situations across institutions.

CyI Commitment Statement

The Cyprus Institute, with its mission to provide world-class research in Cyprus and its region as well as on an international level, is committed into providing a best practice working place to its staff, researchers, students and faculty, where they will be able to thrive and enjoy career development and progression.
In 2018, The Cyprus Institute endorsed the initiative and appointed a group of CyI members to submit the application for implementation of the HRS4R.

CyI Receives HR Excellence in Research award

On November 9, 2020 The Cyprus Institute (CyI) received the “HR Excellence in Research” award. This award was established by the European Commission to acknowledge academic and research organizations for their commitment to continuously improve their human resource policies in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

This award is considered as a significant milestone for CyI, which will take the Institute even further in achieving its mission and will contribute to the enhancement of a prosperous working environment for all its staff, students, researchers and faculty of all ranks.

The process for the assessment included the submission of a Gap Analysis of the Institute’s practices in relation to the 40 principles of the European Charter and Code, a review of the Institute’s Recruitment & Staffing processes (OTM-R) and the development of the Institute’s HR Strategy and HRS4R Action plan for the next two years. The Cyprus Institute followed an ongoing process with a long-term commitment to continuously improving our practices based on the standards set by the European Commission, in order to implement the 2-year Action Plan. On December 2022, the Institute submitted the Interim Report and an updated Action Plan for the period 2022-2025.


EURAXESS Service Centre

EURAXESS Cyprus Network is part of the European EURAXESS Services Network, a joint initiative of the European Commission and more than 40 partner countries to support the mobility of researchers.

The European Research Area (ERA) provides potentially unprecedented opportunities, not only for researchers looking to advance their career in another European country, but also for scientific organizations in search of international talents.

The Cyprus Institute became a EURAXESS Services Centre in November 2019. CyI, is providing support within the institution only and is in communication with the national Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) , the EURAXESS Bridgehead Organization for Cyprus, in order to enhance an attractive environment, with outstanding career prospects, for existing and new employees.

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