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Working at CyI

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is one of the leading multidisciplinary institutes in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region, steadily growing its thriving community of prominent scientists, researchers and academics. There are many benefits to choosing a career at the Cyprus Institute:

Unique Opportunities

Cyprus’s unique geographical position provides access to an area abundant with research challenges and opportunities with significant regional and global impacts, that the CyI community is uniquely placed to address. Along with making it attractive to funders, this also helps raise CyI’s and its faculty’s profile. 

State-of-the-art Facilities

CyI operates a number of exceptional facilities dedicated to multi-disciplinary research, many of which are unique to the region. These include an Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory, a regional climate data repository and the largest open access High Performance Computing facility in the region.

Diverse working environment  

CyI is a multicultural institution, where English is the working language, attracting staff from all over the world.  The Institute values the strengths that an inclusive working environment provides so it has made it a priority to prevent discrimination and promote diversity and equality as an employer.

Exceptional Networks

CyI’s research community is made out of an expanding network of international experts. CyI also boasts an exceptional network of international partners, such as the Max Plank Institute for Chemistry and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and strong connections to global policy and entrepreneurial networks.

Solid Funding

CyI boasts an exceptional competitive funding track record, with contributions from Horizon 2020 grants amounting to almost 13 times the EU average. Recognizing the importance of CyI’s work for Cyprus and the region, the Institute also receives subsidies from the Cyprus Government.

Excellent Support Services

CyI offers a range of services to support researchers in their daily activities, including teams of dedicated research administrators, along with support services in HR, Finance, Operations and Communications. These, enable CyI’s academic community to focus on research, studies, teaching and innovation.

Employee Benefits

CyI offers a range of attractive employee benefits including competitive salary, life and medical insurance, provident fund, leaves (annual, business, sick-leave, emergency, unexpected), annual leave transferability, flexible work schemes, relocation support for internationally appointed candidates as well as dual careers support.

Career Progression

CyI recognizes that its community is at the heart of what keeps the organization thriving and as such, it actively promotes career progression opportunities for all its employees. This is reflected by a number of policies and procedures that are in place to support progression for Research, Research Support and Administrative staff at all levels. Additionally, CyI also offers various personal and professional development opportunities through funding internal and external trainings, with relevant Business Leave issued accordingly. Further, all employees are offered structured evaluation and performance management support to discuss their training needs and career progression at the Institute.

Working in Cyprus

International experts working at CyI are also attracted by Cyprus’ exceptional weather and Mediterranean lifestyle. Cyprus is the sunniest country in Europe with over 340 days of sun annually and is one of the safest European countries to live in. An EU member state since 2004, Cyprus’ strategic location and international connections have also established it as a regional travel and business hub.

Career Opportunities

In 2022, the CyI employed more than 60 new members of staff, including researchers from all levels, research support and administration personnel, bringing the total number of employees close to 300. The Institute is growing fast and there are a lot of employment opportunities for young and more experienced researchers.

Employment opportunities can be found on the CyI JobBoard.

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